Delivering Culturally Safe Health And Social Services In Chisasibi

Inshiyuu Miyuupimatisiuun is a non-for profit, grassroots organization created in 2017. Since 2014 we have been operating under the name of Chisasibi Mental Wellness Team and in 2018 we have become an independent organization following a funding transfer with Indigenous Services (Health Canada).

Since 2009 our team has been working towards developing and implementing a model of wellness for Chisasibi that responds to the needs of our members and is based on Eeyou knowledge and traditions. After an intensive community consultation process during 2010 and 2011 which consisted of two Symposiums on health and social services as well as two Roundtables on Eeyou Knowledge, the Committee began to collaborate closely with the Nishiiyuu Department (CBHSSJB) in developing a land-based healing model in addition to finalizing a 5-Year Wellness Plan for Chisasibi.

These planning processes as well as other culturally relevant activities were made possible by the CBHSSJB Community Initiatives Fund, which ended in 2013. We nevertheless believed that the programming developed over the past 4 years responded to the community needs and closed some of the gaps in service provision in terms of health and wellness. In November 2013 we secured a Mental Wellness Team program funding of $250,000/year from Health Canada.

The information contained in this website outlines the activities and programs that have been developed in Chisasibi with regards to health and social services. The website will continue to expand as we build a multidisciplinary and culturally safe wellness model for our community.

What We Offer


Land Based Healing Program

The Land Based Healing Model for Nishiiyuu (LBHM) is a healing and wellness program implemented and delivered on the hunting territory of each Cree community. The Chisasibi mission is to strengthen the ability of participants to lead a healthy, fulfilling and resilient life


Community Based Programs

Community-based healing programs are activities and events that take place on the premises of the Chisasibi community. These activities and programs have been developed and delivered by multiple community service providers.


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