In November 2013, the Chisasibi Miyupimaatisiiun Committee received confirmation of a funding envelope from Health Canada for the establishment of a Mental Wellness Team (MWT). MWTs are community-based, client-centred, multidisciplinary teams of community workers that provide a variety of culturally safe mental health and addictions services. MWTs are defined and driven by the community and aim towards integrating Aboriginal traditional, cultural, and mainstream clinical approaches, spanning the continuum of care from prevention to aftercare.

What we envision

As the funding has become available at the end of January 2014, the Chisasibi Miyupimaatisiiun Committee is prioritizing the development of a working interdisciplinary team that will serve the needs of the community. As a first step we are launching a call for participation in the Community Addiction Training Certificate that offers students training in alcohol and drug counselling skills. Graduates from this program will be hired by the MWT as counsellors and will work both in the community setting as well as support staff for the Land Based Healing program.

What is Community Addiction Training Certificate

Nechi Institute’s Community Addictions Training (CAT) Certificate offers students training in alcohol and drug counselling skills. This program consists of eight courses; each course relates to and builds on skills learned during the previous course. The course is approved for 45 hours study credit by the Canadian Council of Professional Certification and the First Nations Wellness/Addictions Counsellor Certification Board.

Course List

CAT 1: Communication & Ethics

CAT 2: Addictions

CAT 3: Family Disease

CAT 4: Assessment & Intervention

CAT 5: Treatment

CAT 6: Aftercare

CAT 7: Personal Growth

CAT 8: Prevention

Students attend classes which are 5 and ½ days in length for a total of eight weeks. The training will take place in Chisasibi and will run in two phases or 4 weeks each. Training is expected to start on March 15, 2014.

What is provided?

All the course materials are provided and the participants will receive the same benefits depending on the finance arrangements.

Who to contact

Interested individuals are asked to contact the Larry House at 819-855-7736